Troop 500 B.S.A.

Troop 500 Adult Leaders


Col Mark Rayfield

The Scoutmaster is responsible for helping Scouts run their Troop. He trains youth leaders by providing direction, coaching, and support. He coordinates with the Senior Patrol Leader to determine the themes of Troop meetings, and ensures communications flow throughout the Troop. He coordinates with the Council, assures adult leadership roles are filled and carried out by trained volunteers, and ensures all adult leaders are up to date in training and Youth Protection. He attends monthly Council meetings and provides input to the monthly Troop Committee meeting. Above all, he ensures Scouts are safe and equipped with what they need to suceeed.

asistant scoutmasters

Asstistant Scoutmasters:
Jose Balboa; Steven Cennamo
Braedon DeHaven; Kris Loveless
Jim O'Halligan

Assistant Scoutmasters, lile the Scoutmaster, are also responsible for the safe and educational execution of all Troop activities and events. They fill roles as assigned by the Scoutmaster and step in to lead the Troop in his abscence. Above all, as with all adult leaders, they ensure Scouts are safe and equipped with what they need to suceeed.

Committee Chair

Troop Committee Chair:
Ana Balboa

The Troop Committee Chair, appointed by the chartered organization, is a registered adult leader who oversees functions of the Troop Committee. They organize the committee and preside over committee meetings.


Troop Committee Members:
Paul Cox, David Eaton, Jan Greer DeHaven, Bryan Howard, Veronica Howard, Anthony Lathrop, Thomas Smith, Robert Vasquez,
Darlene Whitley (Treasurer).

The Troop Committee consists of registered adult leaders who support the Scoutmaster and the Troop in a wide variety of ways. They provide overight of activities, assist with logistics, and help carry out the Troop's programs.

Advancement Chair

Unit Advancemnt Chair:
Janice Greer DeHaven

The Advancement chair works with the Scoutmaster, Merit Badge counselors, and Scouts to encourage advancement in rank and exploration of adventures through merit badge work. The chair also assists in coordinating periodic Boards of Review.

Charter Organizational Rep

Chartered Organization Representative:
Tim McBrayer

The Chartered Organization Representative monitors leadership of the unit ensuring they have been vetted and approved and are qualified. They work with charter renewal each year.

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