Troop 500 B.S.A.

Troop 500 Youth Leaders

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Senior Patrol Leader:
Jesus C.

The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by the Scouts to represent them as the top junior leader in the troop. The SPL reports to the Scoutmaster.


Asst Senior Patrol Leader:
Gavin O.

The Asst Senior Patrol Leader, also elected by Scouts, is the second-ranking Scout leader. The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader serves as the Senior Patrol Leader in the absence of the SPL or when called upon. He also provides leadership to other junior Scout leaders in the Troop. The ASPL reports to the SPL and Scoutmaster.


Patrol Leaders:
Black Dragons: Joaquin S.
Chupacabras: Christopher C.

The patrol leader plans and leads patrol activities. He represents his patrol at leader meetings and at planning sessions. He knows the needs and capabilities of his patrol members and works to make them successful. The Patrol Leader reports to the ASPL, SPL, and Scoutmaster.


Asst Patrol Leaders:
Black Dragons: William H.
Chupacabras: Drayke L.

The Assistant Patrol Leader steps in during the absence of the Patrol Leader and fulfils his roles when and where needed. He helps and guidesa junior Scouts in his Patrol. The Assistant Patrol Leader, while an important role in the Troop, is not a leadership position that is used for purposes of rank advancment.


Drayke L.

The Troop Quartermaster keeps track of troop equipment and assures it is in working order. This position is essential to preparing for campouts and activities!


Troop Guide:
James P.

The Troop Guide is an experienced Scout, First Class or higher, who has good teaching skills and possesses patience to work with new Scouts. As a mentor, he provides direction where needed to the younger Scouts and makes himself available to assist them as they learn fundamental Scouting skills.


Robert C.

The Troop Historian keeps a historical record, usually in the form of a scrapbook, of all troop activities. Capturing events through photos and descriptions, this will ensure future Scouts of our Troop can look back on our accomplishments- and see what fun we had doing our thing as Scouts!


Troop Librarian:
Ben V.

The Troop Librarian takes care of, organizes, and inventories the troop's collection of literature. The majority of the library consists of Merit Badge books, but we have other material as well.


Alex P.

The Troop Scribe records notable events during meetings and planning sessions. While similar to the Historian in some ways, the Sribe is more focused on adminisratative records.


Troop Chaplain's Aide:
Liam C.

The Troop Chaplain's Aide is charged with helping make the 12th point of the Scout Law more meaningful in life; Promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for all religions. He should he encourage spiritual awareness and growth in the lives of troop members and assist the Troop Chaplain. Scouts in this position generally have already earned their religious emblem and are mature and sensitiv Scouts who have earned the trust of his fellow Scouts.

OA Rep

Order of the Arrow Representative:
Esteban B.

The OA Troop Representative serves as a liaison between the Order of the Arrow and the troop, working to promote and support OA activities and initiatives. The The OA Troop Representative is responsible for helping to plan and execute OA events and communicating information about the OA to his fellow Scouts.


Outdoor Ethics Guide:
Dominyk L.

The Troop Outdoor Ethics Guide promotes responsible outdoor ethics, leading by example and encouraging other Troop members to do likewise. He plays a crucial role in ensuring Scouts develop an understanding of their role in nature and learn how to minimize their impact on the environment.

OA Rep

Den Chief:
William H. (Serving Pack 285)

A Den Chief is attached to a Cub Scout den to serve as both an assistant to the Den leaders and an important connection between Cubs and Scouts. He is a Scouting role model for the Cubs of his den, as well as the entire Pack, He promotes Scouting in general and encourages Arrow of Light Webelos to cross over into Scouting.


Bennett H. (Webmaster)
William H. Asst. Webmaster

The Troop Webmaster and his Assistant, under Adult guidance, are responsible for managing the troop’s website and online presence. The Webmaster plays a crucial role in helping ensure the troop is effectively communicating with its members and the broader community.